Cliff Hayes*

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House of Delegates
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Response Legend

  • *Incumbant
  • YSupport
  • NOppose
  • NRNo Response
  • ABAbstained
  • APublic Statement
  • BSurvey Response
  • CVoting Record / Bill Co-patron
  • DNational Party Platform
  • ^The campaign website contains an endorsement from Planned Parenthood or other

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Medical Aid for Babies Who Survive Abortion N (C)
2. Protect Female Sports N (C)
3. Prohibit Transgender Surgeries N (C)
4. More Education Options for Families N (C)
5. Parental Permission for Sex Education N (C)
6. Parental Consent for Counseling N (C)
7. Enshrine Unrestricted Abortion Y (C)
8. Repeal Parental Consent for Abortion Y (C)
9. Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide NR
10. Compel Public Employees to use Someone's Preferred Pronouns Y (C)