Wiley, William D.

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House of Delegates
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Reinstate abortion restrictions that included the 24-hour waiting period, a requirement that a doctor perform surgical abortions, an ultrasound prior to an abortion, and fully informed consent. Y* Party Platform
2. Prohibit state funding of all elective abortions consistent with the federal Hyde Y* Party Platform
3. Replace Virginia’s state constitutional amendment that recognizes marriage as between one man and one woman with language that recognizes any marriage arrangements with no limits on the number of parties. N* Voting Record
4. Require faith-based adoption agencies to violate their religious convictions by forcing them to place children in homes with unmarried parents or same-sex couples. N* Party Platform
5. Require churches and religious schools to violate their religious tenets in employment and membership decisions if they conflict with special protections for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” N* Party Platform
6. Prohibit biological males from competing in female-only public school sports. -
7. Prohibit public school divisions from promoting any of the core tenets of “Critical Race Theory” to school children. -
8. Oppose incorporating the tenets of “LGBTQ+” and “transgender” ideology into K-12 public school curriculum. -
9. Establish tax-advantaged Education Savings Accounts for families to use on K-12 private school tuition and/or school supplies. Y* Party Platform
10. Prohibit state agencies from soliciting minors about information related to sexuality without parental consent. -
11. Limit the number of days an emergency executive order is effective until the General Assembly takes action. -
12. Prohibit local and state government entities from restricting a government employee’s and teacher’s freedom of speech in public forums during their personal time. -
13. Oppose the commercialization of marijuana products. Y* Voting Record
14. Oppose the proliferation of “games of skill”, which act and look like slot machines in Virginia restaurants, convenience stores, and other similar places of business. -